Transformation and healing in South Africa
Why? After more than a decade of political and economic transition in South Africa, it is clear that there still remains the vexing question of how individual actors, struggling with the ghosts of Apartheid, come to transform and heal themselves in an historically damaged society? ‘What do you know? – The Ten Postcards’ is a step in this direction. This workshop is a new approach for reflection, discussion and debate on the factors which are relevant for individual and ultimately social change. It derives from the author’s doctoral thesis on transformation and healing (Fabre1995)*.


1.1. The Model  “What do you know? –The Ten Postcards” prioritises how individuals can transform their daily lives in communication with other agents despite the strength of past prejudices and structures.
1.2. How does it work? 
  It invites all who struggle with the racism of the past 
• to use the postcards to examine their beliefs and practices on the matter 
• to do this in the company of at least one other person (preferably of a different background)
• in a context of 'open reciprocity' (give and take) 
• where participants are regarded as equal contributors without threat of intimidation or fear, that is, circumstances of 'ideal speech' 
• and where the goal is to reach consensus  
(An African practice that illuminates this model is 'indaba' which means 'meeting'.)

Transformation and Healing