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Dr Les Fabre aims to make contact sports safer for all.

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Get an insight into the exercises that ACED Academy uses to achieve Safety in Sport 

Below you will find some of the exercises that feature in the books and videos

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Low Front Tackle

  1. Player 'A' steps forward and kneels with the right knee on the ground. Hold the right arm out taking care to dip with the shoulder.

  2. Player B, who is a standing a step away, steps into A.

  3. 'A' places his head to the side of B's approaching legs, drives his shoulder into B's thigh and wraps only his right arm around B's thigh.

  4. Release.

  5. Repeat using the left arm side of A and left knee on ground.

  6. 'A' wraps with two arms

  7.  Then with two arms and squeeze

  8. Then with two arms, squeeze and drop B to the ground (to the side away from A's lifted knee);

Ready to see it in action?

Two hand grasp tug-of-war

9 - 12 Year Olds
Partners now hold each other at the wrists and with one leg before the other. On the signal each attempts to pull their opponent at least a meter backwards. A point is scored when a meter is conceded. Face up to several partners.