This manual contains much of the information you will need as a coach to design your teams pre-season fitness
programme. It is easy to read and “unpacks” a lot of the mystery surrounding the science of football fitness in the
21st century.
As coaches, there is a responsibility to make training enjoyable yet challenging. By understanding the many principles
of football fitness, one is better placed to design the programme that suits your team. Take the time to read and
test out some of these activities designed by Les. Add them to your kitbag of training activities using more and more
footballs and you will not only have a team that is fitter but one that looks forward to coming to training.
Good luck to all coaches.
Gerard McNeill
WAFL U18 Coach 2003-7 and Director of Football Aquinas College, Perth.

Pre-Season Training and Beyond - A Beginners Guide to Australian Rules Fitness