"In 1995, I completed a PhD thesis in sociology to explore the potential for the power of individual people to contribute to changing their lives in the face of dominant political, social and economic power. By 1994 South
Africa had transformed peacefully to a political democracy. Nevertheless, the struggle for liberation from institutional dysfunction, corruption, poverty, unemployment and ignominy remain for particular groups and persons and will for all intents and purposes persist for much longer.

It is this phase in the growth and development of the nation that I set out to explore and record since 2000, namely, the unfolding progress of the founding dream of this newly democratic and historically multicultural society of our times.


This book brings together the state of my journey in this exploration. It sets out to
provide enough of an understanding of essential issues to allow others to add their own and introduces a process to resolve painful impasse’s present and past: a process of knowledgeable-communicative agency*." Dr Les Fabre

Shaping Identities in a Post Apartheid South Africa